Disadvantages of Readymade Business software
Any software that does not satisfy the requirements of its users is simply useless. If designer and developers of readymade business software did not create a product that embraces the way users want to run their business and caters for their needs, it turns into a useless burden.

In addition, if software houses adapting the readymade approach were not to maximize the benefits of this superior approach by providing upgrade paths and technology protection to their clients, their products will become less attractive to acquire and use.

In fact, the reason why tailoring software has become a prominent practice in Arab countries stemmed from the lack of features and unsuitability users suffered while trying to implement and use internationally designed software in the Middle East! This lack of features and unsuitability comes not only from absent support for the Arabic language, but lack of features that caters and embraces the way business in run in here as well.
How Ajyal Addresses Disadvantages of Readymade Software?
Ajyal adheres to the readymade approach for the obvious benefits that both users and developers reap under it. To address the shortcomings of readymade applications, Ajyal adapts certain measures to minimize the effect of these shortcomings on the products and services in delivers.

  1. Actively Designing FOR local requirements: All Ajyal products are designed specifically for the local user and decision make in the Arab region. For this reason, Ajyal products do not suffer from the serious design shortcomings that international products suffer from when users attempt to implement them in their local businesses. International products are developed for the requirements of businesses in the United States and Europe. Products developed for that market regard Middle Eastern markets as a marginal low impact markets that do not deserve the attention given to the main market. All Ajyal products, on the other hand, were developed for Arab users and decision makers, so users in our area can rest assured that Ajyal products cater and will continue to cater for their needs.
  2. Open & Flexible Architecture: All Ajyal products adapt an open and flexible design that caters for the requirements of various businesses out of the box and without programmers and developers interference. You may take a quick look at the specification of ASWAQ6 or ASWAQ5 to see for yourself how this open architecture accommodates for the requirements of different businesses.
  3. Built-in Report Designer: A large portion of fluid user requirements focuses in the area of decision assistance reports. Ajyal products are the only in the Arab region that incorporate an advanced bi-lingual report designer that allows users to modify and add reports as they please.
When Should You Opt for Custom-made Business Software
Readymade business applications are not a one size fits all magical solution. Certain business requirements will render custom made or tailored applications a better approach sometimes. Ajyal thinks that if two or more of the following conditions existed, that will provide sufficient justification for adapting the tailoring approach:

  1. Lack of readymade applications that supports the business core functions. It is expected and acceptable for readymade applications not to cover 100% of a certain business functional requirements. But it is very important for business management software to support and embrace the core and main functions of every business that implements it. It is also important for the software to demonstrate clear ROI benefits to its clients and users. If a certain business cannot find a suitable readymade software that incorporates its main functions and demonstrates clear ROI benefits, Ajyal considers this a proper justification for custom-building such software.
  2. The business ability to support building custom-made applications financially, technically, and logistically. Whether through establishing an in-house software development department similar in structure and efficiency to independent software houses, or through establishing a long term relation with a second party that can clearly demonstrate its ability in shouldering such responsibilities.
  3. The business ability and willingness to face technological risks. Meaning the business ability to invest or re-invest when a deep technological change dictates a re-design or re-construction of the custom-built business software.
Ajyal Custom-made Applications
Ajyal has developed a few custom tailored solutions for specific business needs. You may find more information about these products here..
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