Why did Promotrade choose ASWAQ6?
Cairo : 2005-10-16
Interviewer : Ahmed Khaled
Guest : Ahmed Ibraheem [Financial Manager of Promo Trade Co.]

Reporter: Hello Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim and thank you for finding the time for this interview
Mr. Ibrahim: You are welcome at any time.
Reporter: What is Prmotrade and what is the type of business that it does?
Mr. Ibrahim: We are a trading company in the import business, which is considered a distinctive company as we import high quality shoes from Europe such as BELLE - MARIA, MARE - LAURA CAMINO, which we market through our outlets. The company has quite a few showrooms in Cairo, and is in the process of building others in Alexandria, Hurghada, and Sharm EL Sheikh.
Reporter: What is your role in the company, and what is your connection with ERP solutions and business software?
Mr. Ibrahim: I am the financial manager at the company. I have also previously worked for El Nada for Dairy products at Saudi Arabia, ARTOC Group, Skoda Cars Agent in Egypt, and SAMA Company, Samsung mobile phones agent in Egypt. As for the ERP solutions and business software, I used many local and international softwares such as Dac Easy, Great Plains, Double Click, and EL Motamem.
Reporter: Why did you to choose ASWAQ6?
Mr. Ibrahim: The choice was a difficult one. This is due to the fact that I used many local and international softwares where I found difficulties in either the Implementation phase, technical support, or the slow level in service grants. This led to widening the search criteria till I found ASWAQ6.
Reporter: And do you think it was a good choice, now that you have used ASWAQ6?
Mr. Ibrahim: The application is more than excellent. This is not a compliment, it�s the truth. This is probably the same impression that all of ASWAQ users have.
Reporter: Have you ever met any of ASWAQ users or has this impression reached you through Ajyal employees?
Mr. Ibrahim: I have requested from the marketing team a list of their clients to find out how popular ASWAQ is and contact some of those clients. All of which have agreed that ASWAQ6 is a distinctive software, which acts as if it�s a business partner with the client not just a service application that is provided. Unlike other business softwares the relation between the client and ASWAQ6 employees extends till the client becomes satisfied with the outcome.
Reporter: Could you please give us a briefing on the issues that you have touched upon ASWAQ6 now that you have used it?
Mr. Ibrahim: Yes I have touched upon many issues that make ASWAQ6 more distinguishing and stronger than others. Some of which are: Who is Ahmed Ibraheem? Financial Manager of Promo Trade Co. * High quality technical support services available, both on the professional level and on the friendliness level.

  • We had a few modifications that we previously requested from other business software companies that raised their fee dramatically for these modifications. When we requested those modifications from ASWAQ6, we were granted them free of charge, and were integrated within the application.
  • The use of MS SQL, one of the strongest databases also enhances the application strengths.
  • Flexibility in the system is also a great asset, as the trading industry is condensed with many details that differ from one company to the other. ASWAQ6 team provide solutions for most of these issues, which is a result of the great expertise that the team is holds and the strength of the application.
  • Thorough integration between all the modules of ASWAQ6 allows easier access to the reports and documents, and the products available on those documents and reports, which are connected to each other. ASWAQ6 has many options that facilitate our work.
  • The availability of the Report Designer in ASWAQ6 has greatly assisted the work flow. As it was previously difficult to modify any of the existing reports or the creation of any new reports. I would also like to state that I had requested an additional report from one of the previous applications that I have used which took over two months to deliver and an additional fee.
  • ASWAQ6 imports and exports data from and to many applications.
  • The price, which is one of the major aspects in the buying process, is acceptable.
  • Connecting the company branches with its head quarters was one of the main issues that had bothered us. ASWAQ6 has provided us with this privilege, as it is one of the issues that distinguishes ASWAQ. As you understand how immense a problem like separating the company branches from the computerised system available at its headquarters can be. Contrary to this, solving this problem by connecting them with a stable and strong system is very efficient especially if the fee is affordable.
  • The security system that defines the individual authority or departmental authority is a great asset that guarantees safety of data flow.
  • One the most important issues that I touched closely is that each module of ASWAQ enjoys the proper depth necessary for any respectable ERP solution, as it does not address functionality with superficial half solutions. It is evident once you get your feet wet with ASWAQ that each problem has been addressed with a strong and thorough solution. As a professional I have never accepted half solutions. This is why I particularly like ASWAQ.
  • ASWAQ also provides service agreements for reasonable prices. It also provides upgrades and new releases for the first year free of charge and for rational prices in the following years.

Reporter: Mr. Ahmed we wish you luck, and hope that ASWAQ6 always meets your expectations, and exceeds them, by offering what is always new, and becomes the centre of attention in ERP solutions and Business Software industries.
Mr. Ibrahim: Thank you very much.
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