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ASWAQ5 : Designed for Arab Users and Decision Makers
ASWAQ5 has been designed from the ground up for the gulf market. With its features and functions ASWAQ5 gives you the ability to take the right decisions and run your business efficiently. It also eases data entry and retrieval, aiding users and saving effort and time.
Unique User Interface
ASWAQ5 adapts a highly productive user interface resembling Web browsers. In this familiar environment, users can freely navigate between windows and pages, bookmark locations, define favorites and much more.
ASWAQ5 Navigation Tools
ASWAQ5 opts for a unified look and feel in all its windows and dialog boxes. This leads to shorter training curves, as users become immediately productive once they learn how to operate a single window. In addition, ASWAQ5 allows users to open as many windows as they want, and allows for navigation among open data windows freely. For instance, while entering a sales order, one user can open the customers' window to add a new customer, or can issue a statement of account for a customer while making a sales invoice for him.
True Bi-lingual Support
ASWAQ5 developers are always proud of the bi-lingual features they built into the package. ASWAQ5 goes much further than other packages which generally allow users to select their preferred language on startup. ASWAQ5 allows users to switch the interface language at any time during operation. In addition, users can control the interface of every window individually. For instance, you can open and operate an inventory maintenance window in Arabic, while operating a journal entry voucher in English.
On the fly, language switching is only where ASWAQ5 starts. ASWAQ5 offers total control on the language and direction of every field. This feature comes in handy when it's more convenient to "fix" a certain piece of information to certain language. For instance, many companies find it more practical to allow inventory part numbers only in English, and disallow Arabic characters in it. This can be done very easily in ASWAQ5 by defining the "Inventory Item Code" field to accept only English characters and setting its direction to "Left to right". When such procedure is done, ASWAQ5 will automatically switch the keyboard language to English wherever it expects an inventory part number, and will disallow changing the language to Arabic while editing these fields.
ASWAQ6 Bi-lingual Support
When it comes to bi-lingual features, the jewelry of the crown is ASWAQ5 very unique bi-lingual report generator! All ASWAQ5 reports are bi-lingual, whether those that come in the standard package, or the reports that users add later on. ASWAQ5 developers didn't stop at integrating a powerful report generator inside ASWAQ5, they made that report generator bi-lingual as well. This simply means that when a user designs a new report, he generally designs it with a specific language in mind (i.e. by placing objects from left to right for English report). When another user requests this report in Arabic, the report generator steps in "mirroring" the layout to make it effectively a right to left report. What's even more important is that the report generator can pick certain fields depending on the language. For instance, if users are feeding customers names in English and Arabic, the report generator will pick the right name to include in the report depending on the language.
Full Support for Hijri And Gregorian Calendars
ASWAQ5 gives users the ability to work with both Hijri and Gregorian dates. In addition ASWAQ5 transparently converts among both calendars. These features allow users to work with both calendars at the same time in data entry and reporting. Some users may be feeding documents with Gregorian dates while others are feeding more documents or issuing reports in Hijri dates. These features allow for maximum flexibility with no restrictions on every user preferences. Naturally, because ASWAQ5 report generator had been built specifically for ASWAQ5, it does support automatic date conversion transparently as the rest of ASWAQ5.
Hijri & Gregorian Dates in ASWAQ5
The Report Designer; You're Limited Only by Your Imagination!
In 1995, Ajyal introduced, for the first time in the area, a financial application with a built in report designer. Today, almost a decade later, ASWAQ5 is still the only business application in the Arab region with an integrated report designer!

With ASWAQ5 reports designer you are limited only with your imagination ASWAQ5 Reports Designer The report designer built in ASWAQ5 empowers users to modify existing reports and to add new reports to their setups as well. This report generator allows users to modify existing reports, and build new ones. And because the report generator is part of ASWAQ5, any new report that a user designs becomes an integral part of the package, just like the other built-in reports. Needless to say, the report generator enjoys the same bi-lingual environment as the rest of ASWAQ5.

The report designer was designed specifically for ASWAQ5, therefore it offers a very sensible approach to the design process as it knows the nature and schema of its underlying database, and integrates properly with ASWAQ5 security model. The report designer hosts state of the art reporting features including hyperlinks, expression based filtering, grouping and sorting, financial support functions and features, simple and powerful expression definition language, conditional colors and fonts, and many more cutting edge presentation capabilities.

ASWAQ5 comes with about 100 reports that cover all modules. A knowledgeable user can take any of these standard reports, and build on it to make a new one.

ASWAQ5 Reports Designer
Intelligent Search; Yet Another Unique Feature
Often enough, accounting databases host enormous amount of similar entities. A lot of companies deal with thousands of stock items for instance. Sometimes, searching these items for a match is a tedious and time consuming job with traditional programs that generally require the user to enter part of the item number or name.

ASWAQ5 powerful searching tool helps you get information quickly & easily Intelligent Search In ASWAQ5 ASWAQ5 on the other hand gives the user the ability to search descriptions for certain words without any regard to the order of these words in the description. What's even more important is that ASWAQ5 tolerates spelling mistakes specially those common in the Gulf region, or those related to Arabic language. For instance, and because writing Arabic names in English is only phonetic representation, a person might write his name as "Waleed", "Walied", or "Walid". ASWAQ5 knows about this issue with vowels and will indeed tolerate these entries so as if a user requested a customer named 'Walied", another customer record named "Waleed" is considered a possible match.

Intelligent Search In ASWAQ5
Full Operating Systems Support
ASWAQ5 operates under all windows versions; from Windows 98 to Windows XP. These options give you the ability to choose the most suitable operating system for your needs, and allows you to step up from one operating system to the other while protecting your investment. It's worth mentioning that ASWAQ5 supports multiple operating systems on the same network as well. For instance, older and slower machines can run ASWAQ5 over Windows 95 while new faster ones can run it over Windows XP.

ASWAQ5 uses the successful data engine
Pervasive.SQL®; which is one of the most efficient and robust embedded data engines today. As a result of this engine's efficiency and ASWAQ5 building on its sound features, users barely notice any performance degradation while feeding and posting data regardless of the database size.
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