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ASWAQ5 : Integrated And Flixable
ASWAQ5 has been built for integration. The various components of the system are completely tied up behind the scenes to reach accurate financial result with the minimum amount of effort and entry. When ASWAQ5 handles a sales invoice for instance, it will automatically issue proper entries to affect customer account, sales accounts, stock quantities and statistics, and cost of sales as well. This approach allows the management to issue accurate financial statement at any given point in time without waiting for the period or fiscal year end as with some other systems.
Complete and Thorough Support for Arabic and English
ASWAQ5 was built over an open architecture that can adapt to diverse user requirements. This means that the document and accounting cycle can be adapted and controlled to reach the desired results. You can control the language and layout of every field in the package. You can control sequencing of document numbers, with the ability of defining multiple serial numbers in every module. For instance one company will opt for separate serial numbers for cash and credit sales, while another uses one serial "i.e. book" for both types of sales. You can also select whether documents are posted automatically as they're saved to reach instantaneous financial results, or posting is delayed for auditing and authorization later on.
Flexibility & Integrity
Perhaps the most important feature of such an open design is how ASWAQ5 allows you to control the accounting effect of every individual document. This feature alone allows ASWAQ5 to adapt itself to various operations while giving every one of them, exactly what it wants in terms of financial presentation. The open architecture of ASWAQ5 gives you the adaptability of a custom made application, while protecting your operations from the risk involved with customization. Custom made application might give you the advantage of tailoring the system to your needs, but in the same time it exposes you to the risk of being the only user of such system. Which simply means it�s only you and your company who's going to test, and correct development and design errors. ASWAQ5, on the other hand is a ready-made application with thousands of users all over the Gulf area. When you use a feature of ASWAQ5, you're sure thousands have used it before, and thus you're assured its tested and bug-free.
Decision Making Information at Your Fingertips
ASWAQ5 helps users to make the right business decisions more effectively by saving their time and effort. The application displays sensitive decision-making information while users enter transactions and assists decision-making by displaying this information online. For example it displays the available quantity of the products, client balances and credit limits during the editing process of a sales invoice.
Online information In ASWAQ5
Robust Security System
ASWAQ5 includes a robust, high quality security system. The rights of each and every user are clearly defined in terms of the functions and procedures he can execute.
ASWAQ5 enables Management to issue audit trails that include each user's activities inside the system.

Security Control In ASWAQ5
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