ASWAQ5 .. Why?
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ASWAQ5 : Joining Branches
Many businesses in the Gulf region have branch offices located among different cities or areas. The nature of these businesses impose a real technical challenge when it comes to connecting these branch offices computer systems together. What makes the situation more difficult is the lack of suitable communication infra structure, or the high running cost of using available options that render them uneconomic for small and mid-size businesses.
MIRSAL is the answer to this dilemma. MIRSAL handles communication among branch offices and head office transferring ASWAQ3 changes and updates between them. MIRSAL does this task using ordinary communication means thus achieving communication between different operations while keeping running costs down, and without sacrificing ASWAQ3 efficiency.

Mirsal Joines Company Branches
Although MIRSAL carries out many complex operations, all internal processing takes place behind the scenes without users interference. MIRSAL hides all its complexities behind a very simple user interface with only 2 frequently used menu options conveniently labeled �send� and �receive�. When a user selects any of these options, MIRSAL starts its operations without requiring any more user interaction. What's even more important is that MIRSAL may be set to operate completely automatically without any user interaction at all. In that automatic mode, MIRSAL is programmed to launch on specific prescheduled times to carry out a send or receive job. Automatic operations achieve branch office connectivity without any user interaction whatsoever. You may find more detailed information about Mirsal here..
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