ASWAQ6 .. Why?
ASWAQ6: Adapts To Your Needs
The Flexibility of an Open Design
ASWAQ6 is designed as an open system that adapts to the diverse needs of organizations in our region. This design is crowned by ultimate flexibility in defining the accounting interfaces of each document, with complete freedom in determining the accounts that will be affected when a document is posted.

ASWAQ6 does not impose rigid rules on its users; in contrast, it adapts itself to operate in the users' preferred manner.

Integration and Consistency as it should be
The degree and quality of integration that ASWAQ6 provides is unmatched in the local market! It requires absolutely no effort to carry reflections forward from one module to the other. Once a transaction is posted, ASWAQ6 automatically carries out all its accounting and inventory effects without further user interaction. Furthermore, ASWAQ6 does not require a special procedure in order to switch from one fiscal period to another inside the fiscal year.
Integration Between ASWAQ6 Modules
Decision Making Information at Your Fingertips
ASWAQ6 helps users to make the right business decisions more effectively by saving their time and effort. The application displays sensitive decision-making information while users enter transactions and assists decision-making by displaying this information online. For example it displays the available quantity of the products, client balances and credit limits during the editing process of a sales invoice.
Online Information In ASWAQ6
Robust Security System
ASWAQ6 includes a robust, high quality security system. The rights of each and every user are clearly defined in terms of the functions and procedures he can execute.
Part of Users Authorities Screen
In addition, sensitive records can be assigned to certain users or users group to reduce unauthorized access risk. ASWAQ6 enables management to issue audit trails that will include each users' activities inside the system.
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