ASWAQ6 .. Why?
ASWAQ6: Designed for Arab Users and Decision Makers
ASWAQ6 is designed exclusively to serve Arab users and decision makers. With a rich set of features and functions, ASWAQ6 covers the needs of local businesses and empowers decision makers to take the right decisions in managing their business. With its unique user interface, it provides a convenient and productive environment where users can manage business information effectively and effortlessly.
Convenient User Interface
ASWAQ6 adapts a unified look and feel in all its windows and functions, with a user interface resembling Web browsers. In this familiar environment, users can freely navigate between windows and pages, bookmark locations, define favorites, and much more. ASWAQ6 adapts automatically to different resolutions and color depth to provide clearly readable windows and screens.
ASWAQ6 Navigation Tools
Complete and Thorough Support for Arabic and English
Bilingual support in ASWAQ6 is unparalleled by any other software. The language of the entire program or a single window can be altered at any time during operation. In addition, fields can be locked to accept data in only one of the languages if desired. ASWAQ6 fully supports Hijri and Gregorian dates. The program transparently handles date conversion from one system to the other during data entry and reporting.
ASWAQ6 Bi-lingual Support
The Report Designer; You're Limited Only by Your Imagination!
In 1995, Ajyal introduced, for the first time in the area, a financial application with a built in report designer. Today, almost a decade later, ASWAQ6 is still the only business application in the Arab region with an integrated report designer!
ASWAQ6 Reports Designer
The report designer built in ASWAQ6 empowers users to modify existing reports and to add new reports to their setups as well. The report designer is as bi-lingual and Arabic-aware as ASWAQ6 itself. Rather than printing them, you can also export your reports in several formats like HTML, RTF...etc. Exporting Reports in ASWAQ6 When a user designs a report in English, it will run in Arabic correctly with proper alignment, orientation, and content! And since the report designer was designed specifically for ASWAQ6, it offers a very sensible approach to the design process because it knows the nature and schema of its underlying database and it integrates properly with ASWAQ6 security model.

The report designer hosts state of the art reporting features including hyperlinks, expression based filtering, grouping and sorting, financial support functions and features, simple and powerful expression definition language, conditional colors and fonts, and many more cutting edge presentation capabilities.

Exporting Reports in ASWAQ6
Smart Search; a Technology Unique to ASWAQ6
ASWAQ6 is distinguished by its smart search facility, which enables users to find the desired items using a unique spelling forgiving system that is designed to tolerate both Arabic and English common spelling mistakes. Smart search contains many easy-to-use searching options.. Smart Search - Criteria Options Smart search allows you to keep your own searchig options & settings, in order to save time & effort.. Smart Search - User Settings The simple yet powerful search facility allows users to locate desired information based on flexible filtering and display parameters that individual users can customize to their preference.
Smart Search - User Settings
Smart Search - Criteria Options
Full Support to Operating Systems and Databases
ASWAQ6 operates under all windows versions; from Windows 98 to Windows XP. These options give you the ability to choose the most suitable operating system for your needs, and allows you to step up from one operating system to the other while protecting your investment. It's worth mentioning that ASWAQ6 supports multiple operating systems on the same network as well. For instance, older and slower machines can run ASWAQ5 over Windows 98 while new faster ones can run it over Windows XP.

ASWAQ6 uses the successful data engine
Microsoft SQL Server. As a result of this engine's efficiency and ASWAQ6 building on its sound features, users barely notice any performance degradation while feeding and posting data regardless of the database size.
Tons of Features to Make Your Life Easier
ASWAQ6 contains an enormous amount of features that you'll not find, combined, in any other single integrated application:

Report archiving and export facility to reduce paper trails and ease information exchange.
Full barcode support, including printing barcodes in various formats and using different printers.
Supports all Point of Sale peripherals.
Information exchange with banks for salary deposit and statement conciliation.
Information exchange with hand held computers for stock taking.
Information exchange with electronic time attendance systems.
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