ASWAQ6 .. Why?
ASWAQ6: Fixed Assets
ASWAQ6 includes an integrated system for fixed assets management that saves users the time and effort needed to prepare depreciation statements and reports. It provides decision makers with countless reports that contain a wealth of financial information related to fixed assets investment and life cycle.
Comprehensive File for Every Fixed Asset
ASWAQ6 organizes detailed information about every fixed asset in clear and descriptive windows. These windows contain asset properties, financial data and life cycle, in addition to acquisition and disposal properties.
Fixed Assets in ASWAQ6
It's possible to attach any number of pictures and document images to each fixed asset, and navigate freely among them. ASWAQ6 provides detail balances information all fixed assets accounts in clear descriptive windows.
Straight Forward Asset Disposal and Re-Evaluation Procedures
ASWAQ6 contains a straight forward procedure to dispose of fixed assets by selling or scrapping, and can automatically calculate capital gain or loss resulting from asset disposal. It will also carry out proper journal entry reflections to represent all aspects of the disposal process. When a fixed asset is altered in a way that changes its useful life, ASWAQ6 hosts enough features to represent this change, and re-evaluate depreciation installments and salvage value, so that future depreciation processes are carried out correctly.
Automated Monthly Depreciation Reflections
ASWAQ6 automatically generates depreciation entries every fiscal period, thus, saving users a significant amount of time and effort and providing better financial status reporting that includes depreciation expenses with every period's financial statement.
Depreciation Doc. Auto Generation
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