ASWAQ6 .. Why?
How to acquire ASWAQ6
ERP solutions and integrated accounting software are fundamentally different from desktop application and utilities because these applications and solutions deal with sensitive financial information that is tightly linked to the business lifeline. A company's ability to achieve and peruse its objects becomes highly dependent on these solutions and their ability to embrace the business needs and cater for users requirements.

For this reason, Ajyal prefers prospect clients to have a clear vision of what its products can and cannot do, especially because Ajyal products are readymade applications that are modified on the source code level for each individual client. In addition, a complete and thorough understanding of each party's responsibilities and tasks help establish a healthy and transparent long term relationship that is poised towards growth and prosperity.

Ajyal suggests decision makers follow these steps to acquire its products and solutions:
  1. Contact our nearest office or branch. Our qualified professionals will follow up and coordinate your lead.
  2. Get to know the product closely. Read all available information on this site and in print. Ask for a live demonstration, our professional business process engineers and subject matter experts will study your business environment and propose a solution to cater for it in ASWAQ. Ask for more than one live demonstration if needs be, and involve the middle and higher management in your company. Ask for all the details and take nothing for granted.
  3. Explain to our staff how your business is run, and what you expect from the software. If certain parts of your business are not covered within ASWAQ, our staff will highlight these parts for you honestly. Identify these shortcomings or deficiencies and decide whether they render Ajyal solution inadequate, or a workaround may be derived to close or narrow the gap. Our subject matter experts have wide experience with different types of businesses and they might be able to propose alternate solutions based on best practice implementations widely adapted in your line of business. If you are not satisfied do not acquire ASWAQ! We believe a healthy relationship requires all parties involved to have their objectives met.
  4. Ask for a list of existing ASWAQ customers who share your business environment. Call them and ask about the quality of the product and services Ajyal provides.
  5. Ask for a proposal and a sales quotation. Study the proposal carefully and discuss it with Ajyal. Make sure you know beforehand the cost of any additional services and products you might need in the future.
  6. Ask for a draft of the license agreement. Make sure you understand your rights and duties.
  7. Ask for a project implementation plan. Ajyal products consume time and effort from you and Ajyal in order to prepare them for day to day operation. Make sure you know how responsibilities are allocated. Make sure each party is capable of carrying out his responsibilities in a timely manner.
  8. Appoint a project manager on you side, and ask Ajyal to do the same. Those two persons should be responsible for managing the project and reporting to you and Ajyal about its progress.
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