ASWAQ6 .. Why?
ASWAQ6: Human Resources Management
ASWAQ6 contains a complete system for human resources management with all its elements and phases. The HR module forms a complete system on its own and integrates with the general ledger in financial aspects.

The human resources module is divided into two levels that can be used, combined, or only the first level can be implemented depending on the desired level of control and functionality required in the organization.

Comprehensive File for Every Employee
ASWAQ6 provides comprehensive base of information about each employee. The system generates many reports concerning the organization and its relations with governmental authorities. In addition, a complete archive of each employee's pictures and documents can be stored and printed, on demand, through ASWAQ6.
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Utmost Flexibility and Power in Generating Salary Vouchers
ASWAQ6 can calculate simple and complex formula based salary components that depend on other components, or values from other modules such as sales commissions, income tax etc... Relationships and equations for calculating salary component values are prepared only once, subsequently, ASWAQ6 will automatically apply these principles each payroll period when generating salary vouchers.
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Complete Loan Management System
ASWAQ6 contains a comprehensive system for employee's loans. This system enables flexible and modifiable salary deduction schemes. It allows managers to reschedule loan payments, and postpone or exempt installments or portions.
Complete HR Document Cycle
ASWAQ6 tracks vacations, annual and sick leave, daily and hourly permitted leave while posting proper reflections to salary vouchers and the GL. The human resources management system contains documents for performance appraisals, penalties and rewards, in addition to promotions or transfer procedures. It also supports periodic evaluation with all its features.
Integrated Time Attendance System
ASWAQ provides decision makers with full information regarding employees' attendance. ASWAQ6 can interface to electronic time attendance systems and post employee attendance information to HR module directly. Certain parameters can be configured to apply overtime and under-time rules directly to salary vouchers.
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