ASWAQ6 .. Why?
ASWAQ6: Your Remote Branches at Your Fingertips
Remote branches impose a real technical challenge to business software in many Arab countries. This technical challenge stems from the fact that digital communication infrastructure in many Arab states did not evolve fast enough to keep pace with the needs of disparate or mobile business. Today, communication solutions that can be used to link up a company's remote offices are whether nonexistent or prohibitively expensive for small and medium size business in most Arab counties.

Mirsal is the turnkey solution for this hurdle. Mirsal replicates or transfers all the activities done by users in different locations to a central database -usually in the company's head office. Mirsal needs only common communication infrastructure to carry out it chores, and will happily operate through regular phone lines or low speed DSL lines.

Mirsal Keeps Your Branches Up-To-Date
Mirsal Works silently in the background, not interfering with users ordinary tasks. Periodically, Mirsal would establish a connection and "ship" the changes that took place on a database to a remote location. In addition, Mirsal integrates smoothly with ASWAQ6, as users can view its event logs and progress information through the familiar and bilingual interface of ASWAQ6. This smooth integration eases administration and does not demand deep technical knowledge for simple maintenance or administrative tasks.

Mirsal establishes a bidirectional communication channel between each remote branch and the head office. Not only does Mirsal transfer the changes done at branches to the head office, it also ships all changes done in the head office, and other branches, to each remote branch. This bidirectional transfer put all company wide information at the fingertips of decision makers no matter where they are, be it in remote branch hundreds of miles away, or in the head office itself. All decision makers get to see the same information, and can consequently take equally sound decisions.

Mirsal does not need an always connected channel to the remote point; it will simply establish the link when needed to transfer data. When remote points are connected with a permanent connection, like a DSL line or a satellite link, Mirsal can be set up to replicate very often -every five minutes for example- thus bringing data almost as it is fed, and achieving "near online" operation.

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