ASWAQ6 .. Why?
ASWAQ6: Saves Your Time and Effort
Saving users valuable time and effort is one good reason to adapt ERP solutions and business software. For this reason, the developers of ASWAQ6 were keen on building a lot of time saving features and procedures in the product. Below, you will find a few examples of these features and procedures.
Data Entry Reduction Measures

ASWAQ6 provides for "document templates". When setup and enabled, it allows users to fill certain fields with default values in any of the ASWAQ6 documents. For example, a repetitive sales invoice may be setup to include a default date, payment type and branch as it is initialized. Global templates can be setup to apply to all users, while each individual user may setup his or her own template for each document.

Documents Templates in ASAWQ6

ASWAQ6 provides for "recurring documents"; a feature that allows system implementers to setup repetitive documents. Unlike many other accounting products, ASWAQ6 does not restrict recurring documents to journal entries. Most of ASWAQ6 documents may be setup as recurring documents. The procedure to generate the repetitive documents is straight forward and robust.

ASWAQ6 may automatically general some special documents that are recurring by nature, like depreciation documents for instance.

ASWAQ6 provides for "document reversal" in many of its document. This time saving feature allows users to reverse a certain document with a few mouse clicks. For instance, a certain journal entry might be reversed simply by selection an appropriate tool after displaying the journal entry.

ASWAQ6 provides for "Duplicate" feature in all its documents and master & basic files. Using this timesaving feature, users are allowed to create an exact replica of a certain document or record with a few key or mouse clicks. For instance, all it takes to create a duplicate of a certain purchase order is to display the PO, then select the appropriate tool from the "tool" popup menu.

Context-sensitive smart search has been characteristic of ASWAQ since more than a decade. ASWAQ6 expands on that by providing auto-complete, multiple clipboards, and multiple inserts in documents as well.
Time Saving Procedures

ASWAQ6 provides a procedure that allows users to change the pricing scheme of many stock items at one go after setting up a new pricing policy. This timesaving feature comes in handy during sale seasons and deep change of pricing policy or levels.

ASWAQ6 provides a procedure to reevaluate the cost of many stock items at one go. This feature saves users the agony of individually computing and changing the standard or average cost of each item.

Many lengthy data entry operations can be automated. For instance, linking hundreds of employees to a certain salary component can be done with a few clicks.
Part of Salary Comp. Screen

Automatic Document Generation is another handy feature. For instance, while creating a payment voucher, the user may create a check and link it to the payment voucher without having to leave the original document.

Users can make their own "favorite functions" lists similar to the "favorites" feature found in internet browsers. Advanced users can setup their own menus to replace ASWAQ6 standard menus altogether.

ASWAQ6 can read and reconcile bank statements automatically. Most banks now are willing to supply their clients with electronic bank statements. ASWAQ6 can read these statements, compare it to the bank transactions entered in ASWAQ6 database itself, and issue a reconciliation report.

ASWAQ6 supports handheld data collection terminals and can use these equipments' output for physical stock taking procedure.

ASWAQ6 supports advanced time attendance equipment and can read these equipments' output for payroll calculation purpose.
Information at Your Fingertips

Data entry reduction measures are not the only way time can be saved. ASWAQ6 incorporates information availability features that bring commonly used information closer to its users.

ASWAQ6 can be run completely without a mouse! There are convenient well-thought shortcuts and accelerators for all features and functions.

Although ASWAQ6 comes with an advanced report designer that allows users to develop their own reports, the developers of ASWAQ6 supplies over a hundred, standard and well designed reports with the product itself.

ASWAQ6 provides a "status bar" that display context sensitive decision making information for users as they operate the application. This information includes real time available quantity and selling price for stock items, and real time balance information for accounts and customers as an example.

ASWAQ6 allows users to "navigate" from a certain document to all documents that relate to it. For instance, a user can simple move from a sales return document, to the sales invoice that was returned.
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