About Ajyal CRM!
AjyalCRM is a web site developed by Ajyal Information Systems to help communicate with and serve its customers efficiently.
The web site consists of 6 Main parts:
Subscriber Registration Process
This part handles subscribers registration in AjyalCRM. Our customers may register as many users as they like to communicate with Ajyal technical staff.
Support Requests Tracking
Through this function, users can place support requests to request technical assistance directly through the web. When a user places a new support request, AjyalCRM will accept and record all information related to the request from the user and will electronically forward it to the branch handling that user technical services. In other words, AjyalCRM offers an electronic alternative to contacting the branch directly through phone or fax. Internally, Ajyal staff uses the same application to follow up support requests submitted from subscribers and address them as soon as they arrive. Therefore, the site offers a connection point between service providers and consumers, and offers a great deal of historical and statistical data. AjyalCRM is capable of sending emails to requests owners about the progress of their placed requests as they are handled by Ajyal staff. In addition, clients can view their full history of placed requests and how these requests were handled. Ajyal management uses the same site to monitor the quality and speed of the technical services provided to its clients as the site offers rich statistics about service quality, customer satisfaction, and response time.
Bug Tracking
Ajyal manages its relationship with its customers transparently, because we believe integrity and transparency fosters a healthy relationship based on trust and mutual benefits. For this reason, Ajyal -like all other respectable software developers- publishes and makes available all information about discovered and confirmed software defects or bugs. Ajyal also publishes possible workarounds to these defects if found. As software developers address these bugs, AjyalCRM is updated to inform users of new fixes and what upgrades contain them. Subscribers can download these upgrades through another section of AjyalCRM.
Enhancement Requests
Ajyal involves users in the development process because users' requirements should steer the development process of any software house that wants to come up with viable solutions to issues that face its clients. To achieve this target, AjyalCRM provides a function where users can enter details about the enhancements and additions they wish included in future releases of their products. Moreover, users can actually vote for certain enhancements requests placed by other users through the same site, thus providing a formal channel that measures the popularity of certain features users need and want. Ajyal considers these wishes or enhancement requirements the steering wheel that directs it software development for the benefit of its current and future clients. When Ajyal decides to implement any of these wishes, it becomes clearly marked for AjyalCRM visitors that their requests have turned into work in progress. Therefore, subscribers are always in touch with what developments are being done on their products.
Product Updates
The page contains the latest releases of Ajyal products, thus allowing users to download these releases to upgrade their products. Users no longer have to wait for mailed in CDs or technical support visits to upgrade their products.
These are annoucements placed by AjyalCRM managers to inform subscribers and staff of certain events and facts. For instance, each release of our products will be announced, and critical confirmed bugs will also be announced. Subscribers and staff may choose to be informed via email when a new annoucement is placed.
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