How did we know our users' count?
Ajyal can determine how many users are using ASWAQ6 and ASWAQ5 accurately because these products adapt a web application called AjyalCRM to issue protection devices. The protection device delivered to each client contains the seats licensed to his company. For this reason, we always have accurate statistics about ASWAQ5 and ASWAQ6 users. Unfortunately, older products like ASWAQ4 and ASWAQ3 did not follow this approach because AjyalCRM was not developed yet. In general, the users of ASWAQ4 and ASWAQ3 are estimated to be around 4000.

The total number of ASWAQ5 and ASWAQ6 users now is (11631) according to AjyalCRM database at the exact moment you requested to view this page. You can always return to this page to see for yourself how fast we add new users and installations. Please note that the user count does not increase when we receive a new purchase order, but when we actually deliver and install our product at the customers' site.
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